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Lunch Time

Meet Our Senior Cooks

Mrs France
Mrs Venner

All children eating a school meal will be using the pre ordered school meal method.

Although there will still be the same choice of main courses everyday, children will not be allowed to choose what they have to accompany their meal. The menu has been organised so that dishes and their accompanying vegetables and carbohydrate choices (potatoes, chips, garlic bread, rolls et) are grouped together.

Meals will then be identified by a colour band:

  • the green menu will be a vegetarian choice
  • the blue/red menu will be a fish, halal or quorn choice
  • the brown menu will be a meat choice

Desserts will still be free choice.

Packed Lunch

Facilities are provided for children who bring packed mid-day meals.  A packed lunch should be brought in a named bag/box together with a drink in an unbreakable container with a straw or cup.  Please do not include fizzy drinks or sweets and chocolates.  Once your child has decided whether he/she wishes to have a school meal or a packed lunch any changes should be requested in writing giving a half term’s notice.