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Robinwood 2014

Our amazing trip to Robinwood has finally come to an end. We hope that you enjoy the picture galleries! Keep checking the page as work and videos edited by the children will also be posted here in the near future!

Click HERE to see some of the Robinwood promotional videos made by the children!

Enjoy a pupils eye view of the zip wire filmed by Harry!

Day two at Robinwood and we’ve had even more fun! We hope you enjoy the next gallery showing Spring group Crate stacking, Waterfall group doing the Knights Quest and Trapeze, Rapids Group Canoeing, Avalanche Group in the Piranha Pool  and Stream group on the Trapeze! Don’t forget more pictures and some videos to come!


We had a fantastic first day, we hope that you enjoy the picture gallery below from some of today’s activities. The gallery includes River Group on the Zip Wire, Stream Group doing archery, Avalanche group on the Giant Swing and Lake group Rock Climbing! We will be posting more pictures and videos over the course of the week!