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Play and Hall Buddies

Play Buddies and Hall Buddies are very important roles within school given to some of our Year 6 children. They apply and are interviewed for the role whilst in year 5. They are then trained and shadow the existing year 6 ready for when they return after the Summer Holidays.

Play and Hall Buddies

Play Buddies wear red jackets and their role is to help the younger children within school have a fun and safe lunchtime. They receive training about different games and how to involve children that may want to play. They are also trained in restorative practice to help resolve some of the issues that may occur in the playground.

Hall Buddies wear green jackets and also undergo training for the role. They are based in the KS1 dinner hall and are there to help the younger children at meal times. They assist with tasks such as cutting food, table manners and dinner hall expectations.

Both of these roles help everyone have a more enjoyable lunchtime at Crossley Fields by:

  • being good role models to other children
  • encouraging children to join in
  • teaching how to behave
  • teaching new games
  • listening to and talking to other children