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Welome to class1SIHello children!

I am Mrs Ilyas, your teacher. Come and join us in our learning adventure through Year One!

Amazing AnimalsWe will begin our exciting science topic soon! The children will learn to sort by ‘living’ and ‘non-living’, giving reasons why. We will look at sorting common animals into the following groups: birds, fish and mammals.

The children will also look what animals eat, using the key words ‘herbivore’, ‘carnivore’ and ‘omnivore’. Later, we will look at why animals are suited to their environment. For example; comparing why a camel lives in a desert and why a polar bear is best suited to living in a cold climate.

To launch our topic, we will have some visitors from Ponderosa coming into school. What exciting animals would you like to see?

Mrs Cooney and Miss Basser also help us in class!

NCooney                Miss Basser

Amazing Animals Picture Gallery