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Crossley Fields 09.07.15

Whole School Music Long Term Plan

Christmas Song Lyrics 2015

As We Wait for Christmas Day

Calypso Carol

Christmas has Started

Rocking Around the Christmas Tree

Snow Song

Making music practical is at the heart of every music lesson taught at Crossly Fields School. The progress of the children is developed naturally through the experiences provided within the music curriculum.

Learning Samba Rhythms in Year 2

Music in KS1 aims to understand the basic elements of music, reading graphic notation, handling percussion instruments and developing the singing voice.

performing y1

Performing In year 1

Our Year 4 curriculum is run by Kirklees music school, supported by Mr Thickett, where every child is taught a musical instrument (Brass or Woodwind). As part of these lessons singing, notation reading and general musicianship is developed.In Year 3 every pupil has their own recorder and this is used as a tool to teach basic notation, composition, performance and help progress the understanding of the elements of music. The level of singing is also greatly evolved within Year 3.

composing y2Composing Year 2 recorders y3Recorders Year 3


brass y4Whole Class Year 4 Brass Lessons

flute y4Whole Class Year 4 Flute Lessons

By Year 5 and 6 the key skills of performance, composition and appraising are deeply embedded into every scheme of work. Exciting topics such as Samba, Blues and Music in the Media are all taught whilst using the electronic keyboard and ICT devices to compose, perform and record. Pupils also listen to a wide breadth of music throughout their school life. Singing is a big part of school life and this is reflected in the highly successful concerts and performances during the year. Pupils participate in singing assembly every week.

composing y5Composing in Year 5

composing y6Composing in Year 6

We firmly believe that through music many skills are taught that can help so many aspects of learning for example reading, language, concentration, self-discipline, multi-tasking, coordination, confidence, posture and speed of thought also with it being a creative subject it gives pupils the freedom to express themselves and be flexible in their approach to learning.

In addition to music lessons pupils may participate in the extra-curricular clubs which includes choir, orchestra, keyboard club and the highly popular junk band. Pupils may also take instrumental lessons in a musical instrument of their choice.

Crossley Fields 09.07.15

Wizard of Oz School Performance

Crossley Fields 09.07.15

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