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Whole School History Long Term Plan

History this year has taken off with a number of exciting subjects and visits. In Key Stage 1 children have been learning about a variety of famous people and the important events surrounding them. There are some famous faces on the school timeline, can you find them? What is it these people have done that is so significant?

Year 2 - Samuel Pepys

Year 2 – Samuel Pepys

Year 4 have been looking at World War 2 which included a fantastic visit from a WW2 expert. A range of artefacts and practical activities made the subject really come alive. Year 5 took a visit to the Coal Mining Museum as part of their Victorians project.

IMG_0127Year 4 – WW2

IMG_0291Year 5 – Coal Mining Museum

In addition to some fantastic hands-on trips, children become historians themselves during lesson time, using a range of resources such as books and the Internet to research topics independently. Children also look at case studies to help them empathise with people from the past and get a feel for what these time periods were like.

Yr6 Hudds Trip (2)

Year 6 – History in Huddersfield

There is also a new emphasis on ordering historical events, so children are encouraged to think about when events happened in relation to modern times, and how to order some major events within time periods. A good starting point for this are the time lines displayed in each classroom, giving children a real sense of the past.

Some historical questions you could think about:

When was the Teddy Bear invented?

How tall were the Ancient Egyptians?

What was an Anglo-Saxon burial like?

How did people ‘Dig for Victory’ in WW2?

What was a Victorian Christmas like?

Did the Vikings really wear horned helmets?


We hope that you enjoy the gallery below of displays and work by the children from across school.


Links to Gallery

National Railway Museum – Year 2

Armistice Day

WW2 – Year 4

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