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Geography is really fun and exciting especially when we get to research and find out about different countries and continents- Zak 5LR

At Crossley Fields, Geography has taken off well this year. With a new geography curriculum in place, children have been learning about a variety of topics, places and people. There is a new emphasis on children learning where places are and locating them on a world map, atlas or a globe. Can you use the globe or an atlas in your classroom to locate where you live? Can you locate a country that you have visited or a country where you would like to go? Which countries have warm climates? Where in the world has a cold climate? Can you explain why?

Geography is really important because you need to know where places are in the world. There are loads of countries I would like to visit! Jennifer 4SL

The new curriculum divides the geography programme of study into four key areas:

– Locational Knowledge

– Place Knowledge

– Human and Physical Geography

– Geographical skills and fieldwork

Click HERE for the new geography programme of study which goes into more detail about the geography that is covered in Key Stage One and Two.

So far this year, Year 5 have thoroughly enjoyed learning all about locating and learning about the country of Brazil. Year 4 have also enjoyed locating places on a world map.  Meanwhile, Year 6 have carried out a local study of Huddersfield.

In addition to this, the whole school took part in a planting and learning day which required the children to use a bird’s eye map of the school to locate different planting and growing areas.

In the Spring term, Year 5 are looking forward to learning about why and where natural disasters around the world occur and Year 4 are looking forward to learning about the water cycle.

Here are some geographical questions you could think about:

What are the names of the seven continents?

What are the five oceans called?

What continent do we live in?

What oceans surround us?

Can you name and locate any capital cities?

I liked learning about climate in Year 3. I enjoyed learning that some places are tropical and other places can be much colder. William 4SL

KS1 Displays and Work


KS2 Displays and Work


Whole School Geography Long Term Plan