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Design Technology and Food for Life

Crossley Fields 09.07.15

At Crossley Fields we strive to ensure that children develop their practical skills and this year we have given children the opportunity to develop their cooking, design and building skills. The children have been inspired and have created some fantastic and delicious projects!

Crossley Fields 09.07.15 Crossley Fields 09.07.15


Whole School DT Long Term Plan

Cooking Ratatouille

As part of the Year 3 Mediterranean topic the children used the DT cooking area to make ratatouille. They learnt about the types of food people eat in the Mediterranean and how to prepare food safely and hygienically.

Gardening and Growing

Year 3 have been weeding their raised bed in preparation for planting.  They have also picked the remaining tomatoes within the poly-tunnel which Mrs France has used to make tomato bread and cheesy pizza topped with our home grown spring onions.

Year 2 have planted their new fruit bushes which included Raspberries, Redcurrants, Figs and Stawberries.


Year 2 – Chilli Bean Potatoes

Last term year 2 used our brand new cooking area to create chilli bean potatoes. They practised their cutting skills on the potatoes using the ‘bridge’ technique to help them. They also used their mixing skills to create a scrumptious filling for the inside of the potato!


Year 5 – Gravity Races

This term year 5 have started their exciting new build project – Gravity Racers! The children have been using graph paper to accurately measure and draw the designs of their frames. They have then used this design to help them accurately measure and cut the wood to create their fames. Once the cars are completed the classes will be having a competition to see who has created the best racer. We will update with more pictures as their racers get closer to completion.

All the year 5 classes competed to see which racer would travel the furthest! Well done to  ‘Fast and Furious 3′ the winners from 5TR who won a huge chocolate bar!


Year 6 – Gingerbread Houses

Year 6 designed, baked and built gingerbread houses. They accurately drew 3D designs, measured using scales and followed their creative designs!

We hope that you enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoyed eating our creations!


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