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Whole School Art Long Term Plan

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Apple awareness day

Armistice Day poppy display

Felt Making

Each of the Year 4 classes have been working with artist Sarah Branson to experience felt making. They have been working on a triptych representing The Seasons, as such they have created leaves, creatures and apples! Sarah has now taken the children’s creations away to sew onto the backgrounds. Watch this space to see the end product!


Year 3 Mosaics

To link with Year 3’s history topic (the Romans), we have looked at mosaics. The children practiced using the small tiles before designing and making their own. They have now been varnished and look amazing! Some will be going on display at school and the rest will shortly be sent home!


Year 3 Stone Age

We have looked at cave paintings and explored our own mark-making using chalk pastels and charcoal. We have also gathered and made our own tools for mark-making, creating our own brushes and other drawing implements.


Year 3 – Traction Man

Using the story they have been studying in English, ‘Traction Man’, as the inspiration for their work, the children designed and made their own costume thinking about what adventures their Traction Man could get up to. The children used a range of skills, including: papier-mache, collage, bending wire, and attaching materials in different ways. We were really pleased with the results!


Continuing on from the printing Year 5 did with Julia Ogden, she then returned to school to run the Art club with Year 4 and Year 5. We were really pleased with the results!


Art Workshops with Julia Ogden

Year 5 have been developing their printing skills with local artist Julia Ogden. Working in pairs the children designed their image using a variety of stencils and a limited palette. They have used bubble wrap, card, corrugated card, cotton wool buds and more to add texture. See what you think of their finished pictures!


Year 6 workshop with Helaina Sharpley

This year commemorates 100 years since the Battle of the Somme took place. In the wire workshop with local artist Helaina Sharpley, we decided to make poppies. We used different thicknesses of wire, tissue paper and buttons and beads to add detail. Working with wire is always a challenge but we worked supportively together and were pleased with the results. The children then followed up these skills by creating their own pictures relating to WW1.


Year 6 Art Club with Helaina Sharpley

We have enjoyed a superbly creative few weeks. The children have used their imaginations to design and make their own buildings using wire. We are really pleased with the final results!



Year 3 Mosaic Art Club

During this club the children created their own small mosaic to take home and created some fantastic signs for the school grounds.


Year 3 Printing – Postkarte from the Front

Year 3 have taken part in an exciting print workshop lead by artist Helen Peyton for the Heritage project WYPW organised for local schools. The children have explored an amazing collection of WW1 postcards before creating their own: it is now 100 years since the Battle of the Somme. An exhibition of the work created by the children from the schools involved will be on display at the WYPW from 9th July until 3rd September.


Year 1 Drawing in ICT

Throughout the Autumn Term children in Year 1 had opportunities to develop their drawing skills using an ICT programme. They were encouraged to explore and use ‘All Tools’ in the 2Simple program ‘2Paint A Picture’. The children used their own imaginations to create images to reflect ‘Autumn’, ‘Winter’ and ‘Fireworks’. During the tasks, the pupils were able to select and change between different tools, colours, and size of tools. They could add writing (their name) and delete or undo unwanted marks as well as control the mouse. They tried very hard and achieved some lovely, colourful pictures.


Year 3 Pirates

Year 3 have been creating pirates!

First of all they researched common features and created different designs before refining these to make one main design.

The children then set about translating their 2D designs into reality using polystyrene, wire and papier-mâché to shape the features, before adding textiles such as fabric, pipe-cleaners and buttons for detail.


Year 3 Stone Age

Year 3 had great fun during this art topic which linked to their History ‘The Stone Age’. We investigated the types of images created during this period and developed our skills initially using pastel and charcoal to reflect firstly what we had seen and then the types of modern images we would want to be recorded to reflect our lives today.

The children then set about gathering resources to make their own mark-making tools and investigated the different types of marks they could make using them.

Finally the children created their own pictures using the skills they had developed and the tools that they had made. We wonder what might be included in another 100 years time!


Year 4 Henry Moore

As part of the Year 4 history topic the children have learned about WW2. Through the art lessons we have used Henry Moore’s ‘Shelter sketches as our inspiration to explore different media and techniques. The children were excited to see the ‘magic’ of wax resist revealing their sketches and then building up layers to create more detailed pictures.

We then developed further, making observational sketches of each other using charcoal, graphite, ink etc. They found it very challenging to sketch from real-life and realised how important it was for our models to stay still, yet what a challenge it is to work quickly.

We further developed the topic changing our 2D sketches into 3D forms made from clay. At last we have turned the kiln on! The children were amazed by the transformation between air dry clay and clay which has been fired in the kiln.


Year 5 art club with Julia Ogden

Another great project with Julia.

Local artists Julia Ogden ran an after school club following on from the workshops delivered in school. These built on the children’s printing skills and link to the William Morris work that we will be progressing onto in Spring.


Year 5

The first part of the Year 5 William Morris project focussed on printing. Local artist Julia Ogden came to help start the project showing the children her own beautiful artwork and then starting the making process. The children were thrilled with the birds that they created.


Year 6 Portraits


Year 6 Architecture

In year 6 we have been looking at architecture. First we investigated on the computers different buildings that appealed to us and then we looked at skylines and represented these through printing. Then, following the trip to Huddersfield we created wire buildings with the help of local artist Helaina Sharpley.



Year 5 pupils proudly displaying their William Morris inspired art prior to them being exhibited at Ravello’s café. The children were very excited about their work being displayed outside of school in the public alongside professional pieces from The Hub. Thank you to the very kind owners of Ravello’s!


Felt Making Workshop

The Year 4 children thoroughly enjoyed their felt making workshop led by artist Sarah Branston. They discovered the process of felt making putting hard effort and elbow grease into their pieces to bind the wool together. The children have created leaves, flowers and mini-beasts linking to their science topic. We can’t wait for the children’s pieces to dry as Sarah will be combining the pupil’s efforts into a wall hanging.



The children showed great imagination this year linking their egg designs to favourite books. We had some fantastic designs once again. Thank you for your support. The year group winners won an Easter egg and had their eggs displayed in Maughn’s bakery throughout the Easter holiday.

Well done to everyone that took part, here are some pictures of  egg designs!


Helaina Sharpley

Helaina Sharpley, a local artist based at the West Yorkshire Print Works in Mirfield, visited Year 6 to launch their Wirework Architecture project based on buildings in Huddersfield. Year 6 had visited Huddersfield as part of their Geography topic and then used skills of observation, continuous line drawing and wire manipulation to develop their wire structures.

Helaina even mentioned our work on Twitter!


Helaina also worked with a group of Year 6 children in an after school project. The children chose buildings of personal interest to recreate. Finally, at the end of the project, they invited their parents to an exhibition to celebrate their fantastic achievements.

Julia Ogden

Julia Ogden, a local artist, delivered workshops to each of the Year 5 classes, developing their skills of print-making through the use of stencilling. The work linked to the year group’s history topic of the Victorian’s with a focus on the work of William Morris.

Julia Ogden is currently leading the Year 5 After School Art Club, developing the printing project further. The children attending are very excited and eager to build on the work they have done so far based on William Morris’ trellis designs.


Year 6 Silhouettes

The Year 6 children have produced some super silhouettes linking to their Literacy work on Rose Blanche. To develop backgrounds the children looked closely at sunsets, sky-lines and silhouettes to choose colours and notice detail. They then worked mostly with chalk pastels smudging, blending and occasionally working into the background with a rubber. To produce the actual silhouette the children worked very carefully to cut out shapes, with some children progressing to use craft knives for finer detail.