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The governors, staff, parents and children work hard to ensure that our school community flourishes and that educational provision is creative, exciting and of a high calibre for all children.

As a school we are keen to engage in partnerships with people who are excited about children’s learning and those who are specialists in a particular field. We give high regard to nurturing self worth, resilience and self belief across our school community.

Children leave our school confident to move to a variety of secondary schools. The main ones being Mirfield Free Grammar & Sixth Form (Academy) and Castle Hall Academy.

Positive relationships with these schools ensures a smooth transition and continued success for our children.

You are most welcome to make an appointment to visit us if you would like to learn more.

Crossley Fields Mission Statement

Education for life is at the heart of everything we do at Crossley Fields.

Crossley Fields is a school which promotes and celebrates individuality and community.

  •   We aim to nurture and support every child; value everyone’s unique contribution in order to open up a world of opportunities.
  •   Crossley Fields is a place of safety where firm boundaries guide and support; where high expectations lead to learning; where care and respect build self esteem and self belief.
  •  We aim to develop assertive, independent, confident and responsible young people who are ambitious and determined to achieve their ppotential within a supportive and positive community.